Length analysis from the perspective of the user - January 2020

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Why is the length analysis important? This question was asked to some of our clients and distributors working with polyamid staple fibers and recycled carbon fibers. The replies underline the possibilities you have with the FibreShape measurement system. Quality monitoring of the cutting process, adjustment of fibre length to achieve different effects are some answers to be named. In the paper "Längenmessung von Stapelfasern mit einer Länge von 0,03 mm bis 40 cm. Wieso ist die Längenanalyse wichtig?" more answers can be found. Hopefully the paper is soon available in English. At the moment it is only in German!

We recommend the new version 6.2.2 and describe what's new. And last but not least you get a tutorial for users to support you in your work with FibreShape.  If you have questions please contact us or meet us at one of the events listed below.

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  • Version 6.2.2 is available. Whats new?

    3 features are added (3 new icons in the menu). The first two buttons enable to export a QC version of all profiles to another X-Shape installation or to save an editable loaded profile (PRO-version) as a QC mode (read only version).
    The third button enables you to rotate a loaded image. This can be necessary when measuring transparent fibers and working with the angle filter. Another application is the analysis of recycled carbon fibers with the FiVer algorithm. The number of counted objects is limited to 65000 objects/image. If the maximum number of objects is recognized within the upper half of the image the  rotation of  180 ° rotation allows you to measure the not yet measured objects and to add the measurements of these objects to the previous measured objects. Thus the number of measured objects within an image can be increased by a factor 2.

     The “View object details from last analysed image” feature is now also available for the FiVer algorithm (FibreShape Cross). The measurement details of a single fiber can be selected.

  • Read the tutorial for user before you start your next analysis with FibreShape, PowderShape or DiaShape! The tutorial is as an assisting tool for users including a questionnaire and measurement examples.


  • 3 - 5 of March 2020, Paris (France): JEC World 2020. Contact us for a meeting at the JEC or visit the booth Hall 6, booth F85 & G85.
  • 13 of Mai 2020, Göttingen (IfZ) (Germany): Computer-Bildanalyse-Workshop (CBA)
  • 10 - 12 of November 2020, Stuttgart (Germany): Composites Europe.
  • 13 - 14 of October 2020, Bremen (Germany): ITHEC.
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