DiaShape - image analysis based system for diamond characterization

Looking for a quality control solution for diamonds?

The shape and color analysis with DiaShape opens great possibilities in the quality inspection of industrial diamonds, natural diamonds, ABN (amorphous boron nitride) grit & CBN (cubic boron nitride) grit. The advantage of DiaShape is the use of different shape descriptors such as aspect ratio, ellipse ratio, elongation, circularity & convexity. The size parameters and the shape descriptors are according to ISO 9276 - 6. DiaShape is unique in its set of features, simple user interface and rapid characterization process from the sample preparation to the printed certificate.

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Diashape allows you to correctly measure size (~ carat), shape (~cut), color and transparency (~clarity) of diamonds. These four parameters correspond to the 4C called properties in the diamond business carat, cut, color and clarity. The DiaShape measurement system consist of  a computer, an appropriate high resolution scanner and the DiaShape software package. DiaShape is ideal to check the quality of the four properties shape, size, color and transparency. It enables to select different measurement conditions for different diamond grades. DiaShape is the right measurement system for research and development as well as quality inspection . DiaShape involves many rights to the user. For example the creation of individual measure masks which includes: freely programmable size ranges, freely programmable shape and color filters and the calibration of the scanner by the user.

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