Recycled carbon fibers

Lenght measurement of recycled carbon fibers with FibreShape CROSS

FibreShape CROSS is used for the quality control and characterisation of recycled carbon fibers (short or long fibers) with a length of 0,03 - 40 mm and for rovings (fiber bundles) with a length of 5 to 30 cm. The length measurement of individual crossed fibers is possible.

The use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic waste is becoming more and more important. For the further processing of these production residues the knowledge of the quality of the fibers is crucial. FibreShape is the perfect tool for this task due to its ability to characterise width, length and shape of fibers in a broad size range.

Recycled carbon fibers sample
Recycled carbon fibers samples

Recycled carbon fibers length histogram
    Histogram showing length measurement of recycled carbon fibers.
     Recycled carbon fibers comparison length

  Comparison of two different recycled carbon fibers samples


RCF - Geometrical Characterisation

The length and other geometrical properties of rCF (recycled carbon fibers) are determinant parameters in the production of composite materials containing rCF. Depending of the recycling procedure the rCF staple fibers (fibers with finite length) are available as roving snippets (fiber collectives) or single fibers.
The geometrical characterization of rCF fibers, roving snippets, yarns and nonwovens is done with the measurement system FibreShape. The main focus in this presentation is on the length analysis of the rCF, but the analysis of fiber width, orientation and texture are also available in FibreShape. The geometrical characterization of fibers provides the information to predict the quality, strength and uniformity of a fiber reinforced composite.

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