Wood fibers and particles

Length, thickness, shape and orientation measurement by FibreShape

The size and shape measurement gives you crucial information about the material properties and thus of the quality of the final product. Other interesting information are for example the shares of sieve fractions and fines.

Length and thickness measurement of spruce wood fibers (for MDF)
MDF spruce sample recognized

Spruce wood fibers scanned at 1200 dpi.
(Source: Fraunhofer WKI)
Black overlay: fibers recognized by FibreShape

MDF pine length histogram                
MDF pine thickness histogram
Fiber length distribution
     Fiber thickness distribution

Different wood fibers and wood particles that can be measured by FibreShape:

  • Wood fibers for MDF (medium density fiberboard)
  • Wood chips for chipboards
  • Wood flour for WPC (Wood plastic composites)
  • Wood strands for OSB (oriented strand boards)
  • Wood shred

Why measuring during the production process?

  • Monitoring of the mass fractions of size fractions
  • Monitoring of particle production and particle processing  
  • Quality control of raw materials 
  • Prediction of material properties
Further information concerning the measurement of wood particle size with FibreShape can be found at the Fraunhofer Institute of wood research.
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