FibreShape Applications

Natural and man-made fibers provide sustainable solutions to support technical innovation. Natural fibers are more and more popular in industrial applications. Knowing the length or width distribution or other measurement parameters of the different fibers is a key factor of the final product.

FibreShape can measure the length and fineness of all kind of fibers.

Choose a type of fiber and find samples analysed with FibreShape:

Wool (sheep)   Arctic cotton  Wood chips 
   Cotton  Wood fibers and particles
Industrial hemp
 Recycled carbon fibre icon
 Hemp    Flax
 Recycled carbon fibers
 Carbon fibers icon
   Aramid fibers  Fiberglass
Carbon fibers    Aramid fibers
 Glass fibers
Fiber crimp      


The description of ongoing research projects give you some examples of different applications of the Fibreshape system:
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