FibreShape CROSS - measuring the length of intersecting fibres

You need to measure the length of crossing stiff fibres? FibreShape CROSS is the right solution. 

✔ See examples and details of the length measurement of carbon fibers in the brochure "Carbon Fibers meet Scanner Technology"

crossing fibres


Main applications:
Glass fibers
or carbon fibres
of a length of 10μm to 10cm.

 Figure 1: Crossing glass fibers recognized by FibreShape CROSS
(portion of an image scanned at 4000dpi with transmissive light).

Example of measuring crossing fibers with FibreShape CROSS   

  Fiberglass scan
Fiberglass histogram
Picture of fiberglass
Scanned fiberglass
Histogram showing length
distribution of fiberglass

The fiber length plays an important role in determining the mechanical properties like strength, modulus and fracture toughness.

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