PowderShape - measuring the geometry of particles

Are you looking for a quality control solution for particles?

The unique advantage of PowderShape is the particle charaterization by means of image analysis over a size range of 1nm to 3 cm. This is possible because we work with scanners and microscopes. Another advantage is the correct characterization of elongated particles (high aspect ratio particles) in length and width. This analysis enables to measure the true length of the long axis not just a projection as it is done when using dynamic image analysis systems.

PowderShape allows you to correctly measure size parameters and shape descriptors according to ISO 9276-6 as well as color and transparency both in dry and in liquid suspended form. The PowderShape measurement system consist of  a computer, an appropriate high resolution scanner or a microscope and the PowderShape software package.


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PowderShape is the ideal measurement system to make quality control under constant measurement conditions. Furthermore PowderShape  is the right measurement system for research and development as well as quality inspection of powders. The user can develop himself different measurement conditions in order to find out the optimum  parameter sets for different particle qualities. PowderShape involves many rights to the user. For example the creation of individual measure masks which includes: freely programmable size ranges, freely programmable shape and color filters and the calibration of the scanner by the user. PowderShape enables also to measure particle sizes >2 µm using an appropriate light microscope or to measure particle sizes > 1 nm using appropriate electron microscopes.


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