Sample preparation with chemo dynamic dispersion liquids

Self-dispersion of fibers

  • Carbon fibers or glass fibers (short or medium fibers)
    --> Silanization in water
  • Natural fibers or silk
    --> Silanization in Butylacetat oder PMA (Methoxypropylacetat)
  • Long fibers
    chemodynamical and mechanical sample preparation


Customized dispersion liquids for sample preparation can be ordered from IST AG. Please contact us. The silanes used are not chlorosilanes or fluorosilanes. With the used silanes no hydrolysis with the room air takes place.

Example: Dispersion of carbon fibers with Microprep fluid 1

C-fibers and chemo dynamic dispersion liquid All you need:
  • Microprep fluid 1
  • Water
  • Syringe
  • Tweezers
  • Small petri dish

C-fibers not yet dispersed
C-fibers dispersed   Scanning C-fibers
 C-fibers in liquid
 Dispersed C-fibers
   Scanning of C-fibers
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